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Dunya By Nazeel
Nazeel Dunya
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Production Company : Awakening
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Nazeel Dunya
“Dunya By Nazeel”

Nazeel's mother was always a source of inspiration for him to pursue creative ways to do good for himself and others. For the last several years, she suffered from a rare illness. Nevertheless, she continued to encourage him to use his talent in reciting and singing to uplift souls including his own, alongside his other duties.

When she was abroad on medical treatment, Nazeel was not able to be with her and take care of her, for a period. A close friend suggested that he record a song and send it to her as a gift. Nazeel jumped to the idea and recorded one of her favourite songs and sent it. On hearing it, she was deeply affected, and moved to tears. After returning to the UK for further treatment, she would often ask Nazeel to sing the song to her while she rested, even as she approached her final days.

Nazeel's mother passed away just over a year ago. Soon more of his close friends listened to the song, and several were moved by the track. Eventually, they persuaded Nazeel to do something more so that others might also benefit in the way they did. What you have before you is the culmination of that endeavour, Dunya, a powerful collection of songs and recitals about life as a 'seeker' aspiring to be at one with the world of God.

In producing Dunya, a rare combination of languages, themes and cultures have come together to reveal a unique expression - one that is sometimes painful, but, at other times, intensely joyful.

Dunya is presently one of our fastest selling Nasheed album. These Nasheeds are inspiring and are a wake up call for the ummah.

Nazeel Azami - Dunya Nasheed Album

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