The Islamic Hijab

In our world of chaos and confusion concerning the unending problems of sexual abuses and perversion, most of mankind has all but given up hope on how to come to terms with this intractable of all problems. If we do not come up with a solution to face this dilemma, the disaster that accompanies these crimes will be upon us as a whole. We will pay and our childrens' children will pay. This is certain. Thankfully, we have the Divine guidance on how to avoid these problems from the beginning by following the laws set out for us by the One Who knows His creation.
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What is the Islamic Hijab?

The Islamic Hijab is for the women to cover everything that is forbidden for her to expose. That is, she covers everything that she must cover. The first of those bodily parts that she must cover is her face. It is the source of temptation and the source of people desiring her. Therefore, the woman must cover her face in front of those men that are not Mahram (that that she is forbidden to marry). As for those who claim that the Islamic Hijab is to cover the head, shoulders, back, feet, shin and forearms while allowing her to uncover her face and hands, this is a very amazing claim. This is because it is well known that the source of temptation and looking is the face. How can one say that the Shariah does not allow the exposure of the foot of a woman while it allows her to uncover her face? If you told a prospective groom that a woman’s face is ugly but her feet are beautiful, he would not propose to such a woman. However, if you told him that her face was beautiful but her hands, palms, or shins were less than beautiful, he would still propose to her. From this, one can conclude that the face is the first thing that must be covered.
There are also evidences from the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W). There are also statements from the companions, the leading imams and the great scholars of Islam that indicate that it is obligatory for the woman to cover all her body in the presence of Non-Mahram men. This obviously indicates that it is obligatory upon the woman to cover her face in front of such men. However, this is not the place to quote all those authorities. And allah knows best.

Sheikh Ibn Uthaimin

This article was extracted from the book: Islamic Dresscode for Women.

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