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Lifebook 2007 By Siratt - Islamic Diary - Black - Desk Size
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Category : Islamic Diary
Production Company : Siartt Lifebooks
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Islamic Diary
Lifebook 2007 By Siratt - Islamic Diary - Black - Desk Size

Welcome to the Islamic Gifts Stores.

This unique LifeBook helps you to reflect on and organise your day Islamically from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep! Great care has been taken to cater for both the spiritual and practical needs of Muslims.

The Siratt Islamic Lifebook has been a successful project and is always ongoing developments to organise the lifestyles of muslims around the world. This 'Islamic Diary' is more than just an Islamic Diary it has everything you could think of and more. Essentially it has been designed to remind by providing the following concise but thought-provoking chapters on;

Salaam-the beauty of spreading peace

  • The Prayer
  • Personalised Islamic targets
  • The Muslim Character
  • The Wandering of the Heart
  • Sacred Books
  • Sadaqah-The Gift of Giving
  • Anger Management
  • Daily Du’as
  • Pillars of Islam
  • Islamic diary (Jan 07-Dec 07)
  • Planner
  • The Qur’an And Sunnah
  • Weekly Did You Know? sections
  • Prayer Timetable
  • Beautiful Islamic Art work each depicting a trait of the Noble character extolled by the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
  • Weekly Inspirational Hadith
  • Protection of the Self
  • Repentance
  • Islam and Wealth
  • Self evaluation- take a closer look
  • Short Surahs
  • Monthly expense tracker

New for 2007

Additional features have been incorporated into the 2007 LifeBook which will InshaAllah further enhance and facilitate one’s understanding of Islam

As well as the inclusion of new chapters, we have incorporated weekly Did you Knows?- to inform and remind of Muslim contributions to civilisation. The page layout has also been sharpened and aesthetically improved.
We hope InshaAllah that the implementation of this LifeBook within your daily routine will help you manage your day in a more rewarding and fulfilling way.

Please clcik to view the Burgundy Siratt Lifebook 2007

Alhamdulilah the LifeBook has proved incredibly popular and reviews emphasise that it makes for an Indispensable Daily Companion. The LifeBook was borne as a concept. Siratt was anxious to provide today’s’ Muslims with a book which would serve the reader in a multitude of ways – the aim was to ensure that the LifeBook became invaluable to the Muslim reader in his or her daily life. Accordingly the contents had to be relevant and practical in all aspects of the reader’s life – Everyday – hence the title ‘LifeBook’. In addition to the above, it also includes: Transliterations/translations of the Prayer, Verses of the Qur’an and Du’as - these assist with the recitation of Arabic and also to convey what is actually being recited. These are crucial to achieving a greater understanding of Islam and the contentment that each of us strives for. A very well structured diary/planner containing weekly inspirational, hopefully life-changing, Hadith and sections to set your very own personalised Islamic targets. An insightful and clear appreciation of the five pillars of Islam without being too academic or overwhelming.  Exquisite, original Islamic Art Prints feature at regular intervals in the LifeBook

  • Useful information including:
  • Gregorian and Islamic calendars
  • Significance of Islamic months
  • Islamic Holidays
  • Various statistics about the Muslim World
  • Conversions …

Masha’Allah great attention to both content and quality makes the LifeBook a ‘Must Have’

Siratt Islamic Lifebook is a unique product different from the standard Islamic Disaries available. Muslimbase highly recommends this product. Please order as soon as possible as stocks are limited for the Siratt Lifebook.

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