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Hajj & Umra The Islamic Pilgrimage A to Z By Dr Mamdouh N Mohamed
Islamic Books
Code : 000594
Quantity : 1
Publisher : Arabic For Everyone
Pages : 89
Edition : Soft Cover
Category(ies) : Pilgrimage/ The Hajj
Current Price : £9.99
Hajj & Umra The Islamic Pilgrimage A to Z By Dr Mamdouh N Mohamed

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Hajj & Umra The Islamic Pilgrimage A to Z
By Dr Mamdouh N Mohamed
This is an illustrated guide-book, which includes charts,diagrams and photographs. Besides laying out the details of Hajj in a simple format this books other purpose is to alleviate the tension,anxiety and fear that some pilgrims may experience due to preconceived ideas about the difficulties of performing Hajj/pilgrimage. The book is formatted as follows: A. Before Hajj Time
B. Types of Hajj
C. Before Traveling
D. Reach Miqat
E. Start Ihram
F. Go to Makkah
G. Make Tawaf
H. Make Sa'ee
I. End Ihram
J. Start Ihram
K. Stay in Mina
L. Attend Arafat
M. Stay in Muzdallifah
N. Jamrat al Aqabah
O. Slaughter a Sacrifice
P. Cut Your Hair
Q. Make Tawaf
R. Make Sa'ee
S. Stay in Mina
T. Throw Pebbles
U. Stay in Mina
V. Throw Pebbles
W. Stay in Mina
X. Throw Pebbles
Y. Make Tawaf
Z. Back Home

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