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The Path of Allah By Abu Hasnayn Murtaza Khan CD
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The Path of Allah By Abu Hasnayn Murtaza Khan CD

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The Path of Allah By Abu Hasnayn Murtaza Khan CD
The Path of Allah or the Path of Shaytan? And verily, this is my straight path, so follow it, and follow not (other) paths, for they will separate you away from His path.' (Surah al-An'am: 153) The Prophet (pbuh) drew a long straight line on the ground and highlighted it as the long path of Islam. Then he drew shorter lines going away from it and said these were the shorter paths, at the end of each lies shaytan. The speaker discusses the straight path, then some of the temptations and traps shaytan uses to deceive and take people away from the path of Allah. Bonus lecture! Introducing Something New Abu Hasnayn discusses a very important hadith which concerns every individual. A hadith narrated by 'Aisha (ra) which clarifies the stance on innovation in the religion. Abu Hasnayn Murtaza Khan graduated from the International Islamic University, Islamabad in June 2001 with BA Honours in Usool-ud-Din and has been actively involved in the field of da'wah for many years. At present he is an Islamic Studies teacher in al-Noor Primary School , London . He is also a visiting khateeb at Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre, Islamic Da'wah Centre and University of East London. He has worked closely with numerous organisations and individuals to promote Islam and has translated and presented various seminars and lectures. He is involved in da'wah across the UK...

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