Hijab (Veiling)

Islam is the chosen religion of Allah. It is a complete code of life for all times. Its distinguishing feature is that it combines the requisites of the world and the hereafter. It has abrogated all other religions, systems and ideologies.


Veil is legitimately defined as the dress that covers the whole body of the woman including her head, face, hands and feet. It should be long, loose and plain not defining her shape. Veil has been prescribed for women to block the road to sin.

The purpose of the veil is to safeguard women from the biased looks of men and provide her a pure atmosphere at home so that she can perform her household duties properly and contribute to improve the whole society.

The Conditions for Veiling

For proper veiling it is not enough to wear a scarf, face veil, headcover or an outer garment. There are certain conditions that should be met:

  1. The outer garment should be long, loose and opaque.
  2. It should hide the entire body of the woman starting from her head, hair, face, hands and bossom down to the toe of her feet.
  3. Her anklets and bracelets should not tinkle to allure men towards her.
  4. It must be plain and close in texture not to draw attention to the woman. It should not be decorated with ostentatious colours and designs.
  5. It should not reveal the womans shape or inner clothes.
  6. It should not be designed to resemble the clothes of the disbelieving women.
  7. It should not be similar to mens outfits in colour or design.
  8. It should not be perfumed at all as it is not permissible for muslim women to wear perfume while leaving home for an outing.


The Advantages of Veiling

The veil system contains a number of advantages particularly in a society where the rape, sexual molestation and disrespect of women are very common. Some of the advantages are:

  1. Veiling is a protection for muslim women against the behaviour of the wicked.
  2. It is an identity of the muslim woman that distinguishes her .
  3. It gives her an honoured position in the society.
  4. It acts as a barrier between men and women to keep them away from sins.
  5. It is a means of observing chastity of women.
  6. It awakens the fear of Allah in the heart of men and women and saves them from falling in the abyss of evil.
  7. It teaches men to respect the veiled women, provide them protection from the curious persons and ensure the uplift of the high morals and social values in the society.


The Disadvantages of Unveiling

Due to mixing up with Non-muslims particularly in the countries where the muslims are in minority, the practice of unveiling has become a regular feature. But it is very harmful for the muslim society. Unveiling has a number of disadvantages some of which are:

  1. It is a violation of the Quran and Hadith.
  2. It shows a woman’s weakness in belief.
  3. It is a cause of temptation for men and women.
  4. It strips off her modesty that is an integral part of faith.
  5. It subjects her to sexual harassment.
  6. It hurts her dignity and feelings and it stains her chastity.
  7. It prompts women to take part in commercial advertisements and films as a showpiece and a source of enjoyment for the viewers.

Muslimbase Referenced this article on the Hijab from the following book:
Islamic Dress Code for Women.

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